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Immetrica, audience-measurement systems engineering specialist, and eCGlobal Research Solutions, innovative consumer insights and big data analytics company, are proud to introduce Immetrica’s new personall ratings service, which, combined with eCGlobal’s Latin American panels and advertiser services, is branded Alldience. personall is built from the ground up to capture all viewing regardless of location and technology, and Alldience is integrated with eCGlobal’s existing social-media use, Web use and consumer segmentable panel with approximately one million active members served by dozens of pay-TV operators. The service can measure conventional television and radio, and new-technology-enabled viewing to realtime and timeshifted DVR, but also sources invisible to most currency ratings providers, including VOD, OTT, websites, apps, YouTube, other social media, in and out of the home. Based on a highly reliable smartphone-enabled ACR technology, the service detects viewing in any environment in which the media audio remains intelligible, in realtime or timeshifted using any means for up to a year after broadcast—or longer.
For advertisers, we offer complete audience data that permits the calculation of campaign ROI; campaign retargeting that permits the purchase of inventory that reaches the target audience; ad creative testing, covering propensity to watch in realtime and on DVR, opinion and biometrically measured emotion; and reporting on the entire consumer journey.
For premium-channel operators, we offer channel-coverage ratings (ratings among their subscribers rather than the entire sample) when eCGlobal operates subsamples of its panel specific to them. We can also offer a behavioural definition of channel use, which, however, ignores viewers who have access to these channels but do not use them.
Alldience can measure binge-watching, and can ingest the multinational streamers quickly and efficiently, and update their libraries promptly for additions and deletions. Alldience can support near-real-time programmatic advertising markets and other uses that require near-immediate turnaround of data.
The unit of measurement is a demographically described individual viewer, with a rich single-source set of descriptors such as income, education and occupation; social-media use and engagement; and consumer behaviour available to drill down further to the target or de facto audience, on a panregional, nationwide, or local-market scale. In addition to audience measurement for broadcasters, we offer advertising spot ratings and competitive analysis of advertising flights.
Of particular interest to advertisers is the opportunity to engage panel members who have just watched designated content with a custom survey automatically pushed to the members’ smartphones in near-realtime, in what amounts to the world’ss largest focus group.
The service is delivered through a world-leading analytics platform capable of handling the large sample sizes; an optional cost-effective custom reporting service using Immetrica’s proprietary technology; and customized means for clients with needs beyond these.
A test deployment in Brazil returned first usable data on 31 August 2018 and continues to run today, demonstrating high accuracy, stability and utility. We have also studied the viewing of 84 designated advertising creatives.
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Alldience: How it works and its main uses
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Alldience: como funciona, principais usos
Alldience: cómo funciona, principales usos